Manifesto Promises - Foreign Affairs

Promise Status
Work with the African Union (AU) to create the African Continental Free Trade Area Delivered
Task our diplomatic missions to focus on economic diplomacy Delivered
Move Diaspora Affairs Bureau to the Office of the President Delivered
Establish a policy framework to facilitate the return of Ghanaians and people of African descent living abroad Delivered
Broaden our global reach by strengthening our ties with the international organization of La Francophonie Delivered
Work for the rapid establishment of an ECOWAS regional market Delivering
Review existing foreign policy in light of Brexit and new world order Delivering
Facilitate the implementation of ROPAL Delivering
Facilitate links between Ambassadors with MMDCEs to maximise investment and trade opportunities for local authorities Delivering
Enhance our role in the activities of ECOWAS and AU/Take leadership role in getting all groups within ECOWAS to harmonize their objectives Delivering